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Nieuw! Vive Maria Glamour Night Negligée in Black
Nieuw! Bunny 60s Harper Dress in Black
Nieuw! Paper Dolls 60s Cosmos Belted Shirt Pencil Dress in Navy and Black
Nieuw! MAGIC Bodyfashion Dream Cami Lace in Black
Vintage Chic for TopVintage 60s Jean A-Line Dress in Cinnamon
Nieuw! Vive Maria 60s Maria Lace Day Dress in Red
Nieuw! Unique Vintage 20s Lina Fringe Flapper Dress in Black and Gold
Compania Fantastica 70s Verna Floral Dress in Multi
Lady V by Lady Vintage 50s Ditsy Cats Tea Dress in Black
Nieuw! Victory Parade TopVintage exclusive ~ 50s Rosa Tanoshi Swing Dress in Turquoise and Gold
Smashed Lemon 50s Susy Stars Velvet Pencil Dress in Black
Smashed Lemon 60s Shannon Check Coat in Blue and Red
Bunny 50s Glitterbelle Swing Dress in Black
Marmalade-Shop by Magdalena Sokolowska 60s Kamila Plaid Dress in Navy and Red
Smashed Lemon 50s Daysie Velvet Pencil Dress in Leopard
Compania Fantastica 60s Falda Leaves Mini Skirt in Black and Yellow
Compania Fantastica 70s Verna Dress in Black
Nieuw! Bunny 60s Harvey Houndstooth Pinafore Dress in Black and White
King Louie 60s Audrey Haberdashery Dress in Black
Sugarhill Brighton 60s Millie Sparkle Wrap Dress in Midnight Blue
Sugarhill Brighton 50s Kelli Sparkle Wrap Dress in Black and Gold
King Louie 60s Emmy Matcha Dress in Black
Vintage Chic for TopVintage 50s Trissie Twisted Velvet Swing Dress in Green
King Louie 50s Brigitte Nalini Dress in Black
King Louie 60s Nalini Borderskirt in Black
Back in stock! Bright and Beautiful 60s Lena Corduroy Pinafore Dress in Mustard
Bright and Beautiful 60s Blossom Mini Dress in Denim
TopVintage Boutique Collection 50s Leona Floral Swing Dress in Navy
Back in stock! Vixen 60s Katie Corduroy Overall Dress in Cognac
Blutsgeschwister 60s Happy Folks Joy Dress in Gracious Geishas Red
Mademoiselle YéYé 60s Nine To Five Houndstooth Dress in Navy Rust Cream
Blutsgeschwister 60s Crowned Heart Dress in Royal Ruby Black
Back in stock! Vixen 50s Lulu Disco Flare Dress in Gold
4FunkyFlavours 60s Feel The Music Dress in Brown and Yellow
Blutsgeschwister 60s Happy Folks Joy Dress in Majestic Medallion Black
Circus 60s Dot Wrap Dress in Stone Blue
Tante Betsy 60s Mollie Dragonfly Dress in Black
Vixen 50s Camilla Plaid Pencil Dress in Multi
Tante Betsy 60s Bouquet Skirt in Black
Back in stock! Vixen 50s VV X Acid Doll Marionette Dress in Black
Vixen 40s Lisle Forest Tartan Swing Dress in Green
Back in stock! Vixen 40s Martha Pencil Dress in Olive
Back in stock! Vixen 50s Piper Plaid Flare Dress in Red and Blue
Smashed Lemon 60s Fallon Coat in Fuchsia
Smashed Lemon 60s Celie Geometric Dress in Red and Black
Smashed Lemon 60s Tirza Coat in Tabacco
La Petite Francaise 60s Judo Skirt in Marine
Smashed Lemon 60s Fallon Check Coat in Teal Blue
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