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Vintage sjaaltje & shawls

Retro vintage inspired sjaaltjes voor in je haar, om je hals om je tas om je retro look compleet te maken!

2 11 2017
Nieuw! Unique Vintage 50s Hair Scarf in Leopard
Nieuw! Unique Vintage 50s Black Cat Hair Scarf in Greyish Blue
Unique Vintage 50s Flamingo Hair Scarf in Black and Pink
Unique Vintage 50s Striped Hair Scarf in Black and White
€ 18,95
€ 13,27
Erstwilder TopVintage exclusive ~ 60s Shake, Rattle And Roll Head Scarf
€ 18,95
€ 9,48
Unique Vintage 50s Paisley Hair Scarf in White and Red
Unique Vintage 50s Chiffon Scarf in Black
Unique Vintage 50s Chiffon Scarf in Lipstick Red
€ 10,95
€ 5,48
Collectif Clothing 60s Summer Flower Hair Scarf in Blue and Yellow
Coming soon Banned Retro 50s Fru Fru Knitted Scarf in Mustard
€ 21,95
€ 15,37
Amici 50s Gloria Lemon Scarf in White
Banned Retro 70s Velvet Knot Headband in Black
ZaZoo 50s Retro Scarf and Headband in White
GatsbyLady 20s Abigail Fringe Cape Shawl in Black
ZaZoo Vintage 50s Retro Polka Dot Hair Scarf in Red
ZaZoo 50s Chiffon Scarf in Soft Pink