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Nieuw! Tamaris 70s Lory Vegan Block Heel Boots in Ivory
Nieuw! La Veintinueve 60s Ines Sandals in Yellow
Tamaris 60s Chloe Platform Pumps in Black
Blutsgeschwister 60s Cosy Darling Jurk in Cheeky Cherry Wit
Banned Retro 60s Old Soul Dancer Shoes in White and Black
Banned Retro 60s Golden Years Lacquer Pumps in Black
Vintage Chic for TopVintage 60s Dixie Retro Dress in Pink and Orange
La Veintinueve 60s Lucy T-Strap Sandals in Red and Pink
s.Oliver 60s Jessy Sandalettes in Platinum Gold
s.Oliver 60s Jessy Sandalettes in Black
Vixen 60s Tie Neck Sweater in Mint Blauw
Collectif Clothing 60s Carrie Bag in Pastel Pink
Louche 60s Dylan Gingham Skirt in Yellow and White
Bright and Beautiful 60s Jemma Paradise Bloom Dress in Multi
Bright and Beautiful 60s Molly Retro Playsuit in Green
Lulu Hun 60s Margaret Daisy Sandals in Green
Bright and Beautiful 60s Annie Denim Skirt in Light Blue
€ 69,95
€ 55,96
Smashed Lemon 60s Jenny Jeans Gilet in Blue
Bunny 60s Kitsch Daisy Vest Top in Green
Bunny 60s Rhombus Vest Top in Purple
Lotta from Stockholm 60s Loretta Leather Clogs in Tan
Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal Virginia Ankle Boots in Chalk Yellow
€ 59,95
€ 47,96
Tante Betsy 60s Rosamunde Picknick Shirt in Coffee
€ 94,95
€ 75,96
Tante Betsy 60s La Bella Picnick Dress in Coffee
Bright and Beautiful 70s Lucy Zig Zag Knitted Cardigan in Multi
Who's That Girl 60s Gael Denim Dress in Navy
Bright and Beautiful 60s Lucy Tropical Leopard Playsuit in Multi
Collectif Clothing 70s Serenity Rainbow Cardigan in Multi
Bright and Beautiful 70s June Daisy Jumper in Navy
Vixen 60s Cecile Contrast Stripe Jurk in Perzik
Nemonic 60s Karina Leather Platform Sandals in Marine
Bettie Page Shoes 50s Halle Oxford Flats in Nude and Black
Vixen 60s Bibi Button Mini Skirt in Blue
Nemonic 60s Amelie Leather Mary Jane Pumps in Satin Green
Nemonic 60s Amelie Patent Leather T-Strap Pumps in Red
Nemonic 60s Bambi Leather Sandals in Bronze
Nemonic 60s Frida Leather Mary Jane Pumps in Teal and Fuchsia
€ 94,95
€ 75,96
Tante Betsy 60s La Bella Fleur Dress in Vintage Pink
La Veintinueve 60s Magnolia Leather T-Strap Pumps in Violet and Old Rose
La Veintinueve 60s Magnolia Leather T-Strap Pumps in Blue, Turquoise and Yellow
La Veintinueve 60s Magnolia Leather T-Strap Pumps in Green and Pink
Who's That Girl 60s Dina Berries Blouse in Blanche Cream
Bright and Beautiful 70s Gracen Holiday Trip Dress in Multi
B.A.I.T. 60s Kira Wedge Sandals in Gold
B.A.I.T. 60s Kat Wedge Sandals in Red
B.A.I.T. 60s Kira Wedge Sandals in Denim Blue
B.A.I.T. 70s Ubean Rainbow Dots Platform Sandals in White
B.A.I.T. 70s Ubean Railroad Striped Platform Sandals in Denim
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